Food Intolerances

There are 3 kinds of food reactivity; allergy, sensitivity, and intolerance. Allergies to foods are an immune system reaction to the foods you have eaten, and can be either immediate or delayed. Sensitivities to foods are reactions by the body caused by foods or combination of foods you are eating all the time. A true food intolerance, in this office, means you do not have the enzymes to digest those foods. Food intolerances can cause allergies and sensitivities to other foods. When you do not digest those foods, it means the byproducts of those foods become toxic to you inside your body and can potentially cause many symptoms and diseases. Hippocrates said, “Let medicine be your food, and food be your medicine.” Everyone has one main intolerance, and one combination food intolerance. Call the office to discover your food intolerances that may be causing your symptoms.